dallas medical weight loss doctor – connie review

Dr. Michael Cherkassky is a Dallas medical weight loss doctor who helps his patients lose weight without surgery. In this video Connie talks about the weight loss program and how her life has changed since she reached her weight loss goal.

Q: Why did you choose this Dallas weight loss practice?

Connie: Okay. My first name is Consuelo, a lot of people here know me by Connie. Everybody knows me by Connie. I’m actually from El Paso, Texas. I’ve been leaving in El Paso for many many years, ever since I was a kid. I moved to Fort Worth about seven years ago. I’ve been working as a care-giver. I’ve been also as a CNA. I started working for this lady, her name is Ms. Aristort. That’s where I started bringing her to the doctor. That’s where I knew Dr. Cherkassky. I saw his ads and I saw all these pictures and I said, "Well, I need to come here. I think he needs to be my doctor now." Ever since that I’ve been coming here.

Q: About how long have you been following this Dallas weight loss program?

Connie: I think it’s going to be last November of last year. Yes. It’s been slow, my wait has been slow but I prefer it that way. Yes.

Q: What made you decide that you needed to lose weight?

Connie: Actually, my main concern was my health. I was 207 pounds and right now am at 158 pounds. I guess more than 40 pounds I have lost. That’s what my major concern was. Actually, my husband and I, we were planning on getting married legally. We had been living for a couple of years then all our children decided, "It’s time for you guys to get married." That was also a major reason that I wanted to loose weight. I wanted to look good on the day of my wedding.

Q: What was your first appointment life when you first cone to the Dallas weight loss practice?

Connie: They made me feel very comfortable. The girl explained everything to me, how it was going to be, how I was going to start on the prescription, how I was going to start then later on the Sensotherapy, how I was going to start to taking them. Also, they told me that I can come here every week for the tongue paste and that would be no charge. From there on I would see Dr. [unintelligible 00:03:00] once a month, yes, so he can keep control of my weight and if I had any concerns I could just talk to him, but everything has been going good ever since.

Q: Why did you choose this Dallas weight loss doctor?

Connie: Since I already had met him, I felt a little bit more comfortable with him. He helped me a lot, he always asks me, "Do you have any questions? Are there any concerns? Are you getting hungry?" I said, "Doctor, yes, I am." [laughs] But he told me, "Well, just follow the instructions that we give you on the Sensotherapy." They told me just to be continuous with the Sensotherapy because that was going to help crave my hunger and that was going to get me on to a routine where my stomach can get adapted to that intake of food that I was taking, and on the hours that I was eating.

Q: Did you have any side effects from the weight loss plan or weight loss medication?

Connie: No, not really because actually, I started with very positive determination. Yes, I started with very positive determination. I felt comfortable, I felt good and I said, "This is it. This is it."

Q: Before you came to the Dallas weight loss practice, what other things have you tried to lose weight?

Connie: I tried a lot of things over the counter and actually, they didn’t work. Some of them got my heart rate, they just got it– Oh my God, it was just terrible. I was anxious, I was nervous, I was shaky. With this, ever since I’ve been, I’ve been just calm and everything. Yes, sometimes I get a little craving, I just pinch a little bit just to have a taste, you know? But ever since I started with the program, I’ve been very, very calm.

Q: How has your diet changed since you have been following this weight loss program?

Connie: The biggest change is that I have changed the way of my diet. I’ve been trying. I’ve been working on different foods that actually have low calories and that has been working for me. That’s a big change. Even my husband, now we’ve been eating more fruits, more vegetables, more healthy things, and it’s something good for both of us. Really, really good.

Q: How has losing 40 pounds affected your life?

Connie: Before I didn’t have no energy and I was just aching. Everything hurt, my back hurt, my legs hurt. I had this problem of a [unintelligible 00:06:35] that I had constantly was going also to the doctor to attend me that pain, because that pain was just terrible. When I started losing weight, that also changed. I don’t have no problem no more. See? I’m wearing flats. I’m wearing flats and I have more energy. I got more enthusiasm to do a lot of more positive things. I have more energy to go with my grand kids, to play, to work around the house. Sometimes I’m the one that get’s my husband going. "Come on let’s go, let’s go clean the yard or something."

Dr. Michael Cherkassky is a Dallas medical weight loss doctor who helps his patients lose weight without surgery. New patients are bring accepted. Call 469-434-3380.

Michael Cherkassky, M.D.
12850 Spurling Road, Suite #110
Dallas TX, 75230

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