Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017

Capture88(aka Senate version of American Health Care Act)

The Senate health bill has some good things and some not-so-good things. It largely keeps most of Obamacare, except the individual and employer mandates, and repeals most of Obamacare taxes but allow almost no additional health plan flexibility.

Here’s quick rundown of major elements in the bill:
• Subsidies phase out at 350% (not ACA’s 400%)

• Subsidies a function of both age and income
• Changing Silver etc to “median benchmark plan”
• Repeal individual and employer mandate
• No abortion coverage
• States get a boatload of money
• Repeal most taxes
• Use your HSA/FSA on OTC drugs
• Higher HSA contribution limits
• Medicaid expansion phased out
• States can impose work requirements
• Per capita block grant
• Association Health Plans for small biz
• Opioid assistant to states
• Medical loss ratio state regulated
• Cost sharing reduction payments phased out
• NO increased state flexibility health plan regs

• States can adjust age bands

• State have additional rights to seek waivers (not sure how this helps)

Article source:Health Blog


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