Novel Way to Increase Organs for Transplants

Some states are trying to solve the shortage of donor organs by requiring the legal owners of the aforementioned organs to “opt out” if they don’t want to give away thousands of dollars worth of organs for free at time of death.

I have a much better way. How about paying the decedents’ family for the donations. Allow people to opt to have their organs harvested at time of death and the funds go into their estate. If people knew they were burying, say, $10,000 worth of organs they would be much more likely to contract for their sale when they no longer needed them.

Federal law currently does not allow for the compensation of organ donors – except for blood plasma. This needs to change. There is an entrenched organ donation and resale industry who does not want to allow compensation. These purveyors of donated organs do not like the idea because their cost to acquire organs could potentially go up, while the price for the products they sell would go down.

The laws of supply and demand actually work. If you want more organs, just compensate people for them rather than appealing to their generous nature. I’ve wanted to write a report on this for years but have never found the time.

Article source:Health Blog


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