Liked on YouTube: Weight Loss Plano TX | Dr. Michael Cherkassky – Call 972-776-2405

Weight Loss Plano TX | Dr. Michael Cherkassky – Call 972-776-2405
Weight Loss Plano TX |
Best Weight Loss Plano TX – Dr. Michael Cherkassky – Call 972-776-2405

Weight loss programs can be an effective means of helping patients lose weight in a safe and lasting way. While there is many a diet plan that offers fast results with minimal effort, the truth is that healthy eating, exercise and losing weight all go together. With the help of Dr. Cherkassky, patients are better able to lose the weight through the use of crafted diets, frequent exercise, and supplements.

At his weight loss clinic, he incorporates diet and exercise with Sensotherapy, an appetite suppressant and system that has been shown to help reduce cravings, which is one of the leading causes of weight gain in patients. Michael Cherkassky M.D. has spent many years studying weight gain and loss and developing targeted ways of treating the root cause of weight-related issues. Through the use of his unique system, he has found himself better able to help patients of all ages, regardless of whether they had 10 pounds to lose or 100.

Not only is his weight loss Plano TX program a popular and successful one due to its efficacy, but Michael Cherkassky is also highly sought after due to his kind approach and detailed methods. He stays in frequent contact with his patients throughout their treatment so as to ensure that all needs are met and that the program is progressing as it should. He works closely with general practitioners and with the patient to ensure that the individual’s overall health and well-being are cared for. From the initial appointment to the final visit, he goes the extra mile to ensure that each and every patient feels comfortable and at home at his practice.

Weight Loss Plano TX | Dr. Michael Cherkassky (972) 776-2405

If you’re looking for a weight loss Plano clinic where you can receive expert medical weight loss care from a qualified physician with decades of experience, look no further than the office of Dr. Michael Cherkassky. Through the use of a carefully crafted diet plan that is tailored to meet the needs of each patient, Dr. Cherkassky has helped many individuals to lose the weight and keep it off. To learn more about the services offered at our clinic or to schedule an appointment during our convenient hours, give us a call today at 972-776-2405.

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Plano Weight Loss: Dr. Michael Cherkassky
3400 Coit Rd # 260195
Plano TX 75026
(972) 776-2405

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